Multifile Import Tool Option Does Not Appear

After successfully installing the MultiFile Import Tool into Confluence, there is not an option to import documents using the tool. The most likely cause of this issue is page permissions or not presently working in an active Space. To resolve this issue, the user will perform the following steps:

1. Upon successful installation of the plugin, the user will be in the “Manage Apps” page. If the user where to single left click on the ‘Getting Started’ option, the user will be to the plugin configuration page. It is not possible to import documents from the plugin configuration page. Instead the user will need to browse an active Confluence Space; more information on importing documents from an active space may be found in Chapter 2. For more details on configuring the plugin see Chapter 1 and Chapter 5.

Image of plugin installed from Manage apps page.

2. In order to use the MultiFile Import Tool, the user will have to navigate to an active space. The user will single left click on the “Spaces” drop down menu which will enumerate available spaces. The user will then single left click on the desired space as depicted below. For more information on spaces, please see this link.

Image of selecting space from spaces drop down.

3. Once the user is in an active space, the user will need to verify that the ‘Add’ permission is assigned to the currently logged in user for the active space. Since the MultiFile import tool respects all assigned space permissions, the plugin will not appear in the drop down menu unless the current user has the ‘Add’ Permission. To verify spaces permissions, single left click on the “Spaces” drop down menu and then single left click on the “Space directory” option.

To view space permissions, the currently logged in user must be a space admin.

Image of selecting Space directory option from spaces drop down.

4. From the “Space Directory” page, single left click on the “Space Details” icon on the right side of the the desired space enumeration in the “Site Spaces” list.

Image of selecting edit space from Site Spaces list.

5. Next, in the “Space Tools” page, single left click on the “Permissions” tab.

Image of selecting permissions tab from Space Tools page.

6. The minimum required permission set is “View” and “Add”. In the picture depicted below, the “Delete permission is added in addition to the aforementioned required permissions. If the “Delete” permission is omitted, then the user will be unable to remove any imported documents. Furthermore, the user will be unable to remove any pages which already existed prior to importing any documents.

Image of required permissions.

Permissions may be assigned individually or via groups. The MultiFile Import Tool will respect all permissions assigned individually and/or permissions assigned via groups.

7. If any issues persist please reach out to the OrangeInfusion team through our support page located here.

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