Restricting the Size of Each Uploaded File

To restrict the size of each file allowed per operation, follow these steps:

  1. As an administrator browse to the Multi-File Import Tool plugin configuration page

An image of a snippet of the left side bar of the administrator configuration page with an orange box surrounding the multi file import plugin option

      2. Adjust the “Max. Kb per Uploaded File” configuration option. A value of 0 will be interpreted as unlimited.

An image of the multi file import tool configuration page with an orange box surrounding the form to modify the maximum number of kilobytes per file uploaded

     3. Browse to the space where documents should be imported and open the Multi-File Import Tool plugin.

     4. Single left click on the “Drag ‘n’ drop Wore files here or click to select files” to bring up the file chooser.  Above the drag and drop area, a warning will appear stating any configured upload restrictions.

An image of the multi file import tool page with an indicator flag a the top of the page informing the user of the memory limitation per file

       5. Select a file over the maximum allowed size.

An image of a file dialog with a word document file highlighted

       6. Since this file is over the maximum allowed file size, an error message will be displayed on the lower left hand size of the screen.

An image of the error flag that appears when the file is too large on upload

       7. If more than one file was selected, files which exceed the maximum size will be excluded from the import process.

An image of the upload file dialog from the multi file import tool with an indicator flag at the top of the dialog indicating that the chosen files are too big in size

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